With most flat roofs, repairing torn or damaged felt and dealing with leaks is inevitable.  Traditional flat roofs just aren’t designed to last, but an EPDM rubber flat roof from MW Roofline is guaranteed to last up to 50 years with a minimum guarantee of 20 years.

Maintenance Free

Since EPDM is laid as a continuous sheet in our flat roof construction, there are no joints or welds in our flat roofs for water to seep through. Plus, our flat roofs are virtually maintenance free, so you won’t need to spend time or money on repairs or upkeep.

We finish your new EPDM roof in smart sleek finishing trims and upstands, plus our PVCu termination bars avoid the need for expensive lead.

Energy Efficent

As well as using the finest grade decking timber on pre cut firring strips, we also install extra insulation helping you to bring down your carbon footprint by making your home warmer and more energy efficient.  In most cases our new EPDM flat roofs exceed the standards required for UK building regulations.

Installation Video