Beautiful job in Reading…13734888_1080283352059449_1401544187547950464_oOur range of Mock Tudor boards are a practical replacement for old timber boards and may also be used to add a unique style to homes.

We install both the smooth co-extruded 145mm Tudor board and the Replica Wood (Faux wood) Tudor Boards which come in various widths.

The smooth co-extruded Tudor board is 145mm wide and comes in a range of very attractive finishes including:

  • Black Ash
  • Mahogany
  • Rosewood
  • Light Oak


A full range of matching trims is available. Last, but not least, the Tudor board range has a 10 year guarantee.  We install the mock Tudor boards using very long direct concrete fixings finishing the heads with colour coded domed caps.

The Replica Wood (Fauxwood) Tudor boards are a more realistic looking board made from Polyurethane and are made here in the UK only 40 minutes away from Mw Roofline.

These Polyurethane boards are used with natural grains similar to Oak and are installed with natural looking pegs or ‘dowels’.
The boards come with a 15 year guarantee, 5 years longer than the smooth co-extruded board which Mw Roofline extend by a further five years on warping or cracking giving you an impressive 20 year guarantee.

Should the render underneath the boards require attention or renewal, we take care of this too.  We can either paint your render with a high quality Santex exterior masonry paint or if the render is in a poor state of repair our installers can completely re-render the house. Instead of normal render comprising of plastering sand and cement we use a Santex render weatherproof coating that is very thick and applied with a plastering trowel. As the render coating is pre coloured there is no need for painting.

For a total 100% maintenance free job instead of new render we can install a coloured aluminium reinforced backing board or ‘Render Board’ which is only available in white or light ivory.

We can install Mock Tudor boards anywhere in the UK.

Dore, Sheffield. Installed October 2013

Dore, Sheffield. Installed October 2013

Rosewood Tudor Boards

Rosewood Tudor Boards

Rosewood mock Tudor boards

Rosewood mock Tudor boards

Rosewood close up

Rosewood close up



Streetly, Sutton Coldfield picture 115442162_1217562574998192_4642990287152939408_n

Streetly Sutton Coldfield picture 216114993_1245513865536396_5986644526431357295_n

Dawley crescent, Marston Green picture 116106061_1245513915536391_8308924503971040996_n

Dawley crescent, Marston Green picture 215977687_1246382155449567_6244637321747064074_n



Kidderminster insulation14492536_1144670512287399_6223606266135284653_n

Kidderminster removing all old render and Tudor14492578_1144670508954066_8309352126527852798_n

Kidderminster new timbers14590351_1144670465620737_5293207538571425149_n 14610964_1144670458954071_2832090918985951436_n

Kidderminster after timber and insulation


Four Oaks, Bespoke colour 1-off13055921_1028011753953276_1403314594951036112_o

Pelsall picture 113055060_1028011713953280_8799288859707432656_o

Pelsall picture 213071812_1028011710619947_3984711575802926040_o

Pelsall picture 3


Close up of the board and render