Do you have an old Georgian wired glass lean-to at the side of your house, or a glass verandah looking out into the garden that’s seen better days? Well have you thought about having Polycarbonate roofing installed? Mw Roofline are experienced installers of polycarbonate roofs.

Polycarbonate Roofs


20 times stronger than glass, Polycarbonate panels are best known for its very high impact resistance, fine optical clarity and excellent fire performance. Our full product range offers a number of options including Longlife, Dual Tinted and Energy Efficient multi-wall polycarbonate sheet structures.

Maintenance Free

Quite simply we remove your old glazed roof and bars and install new plastic bars with steel reinforcement along with new 25mm thick multiwall polycarbonate. Both the bars and the polycarbonate sheets are virtually maintenance free, just a wipe down with soapy water is all that’s needed. Our reinforced bars don’t need any existing framework support underneath and can be walked on from above.

Designs and Solutions

We can construct brand new free standing roofs from scratch, add new roofs to existing walls or simply re-design your current roof into something more attractive. We can install modern car ports, door canopies or smoking shelters. We can also install sun resistant polycarbonate too, keeping the room below cooler in the summer yet keeping in as much heat as possible in the winter.  For cooler rooms we can install solar inserts into your polycarbonate sheets reflecting heat back outside and aiding heat within during the winter.  Whether it would be a single polycarbonate sheet installed or many polycarbonate panels, we have the solution for you.

Contact Us

Choose Mw Roofline as installers of polycarbonate roofs. Although we are a Midlands based company, we are able to install polycarbonate roofs anywhere in the UK. Please call or email for a quotation.

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